5 Songs, 22 Minutes


About Insideout

InsideOut's triple play of cover songs, parodies, and originals stirs up a hearty recipe for a cappella fans. Their full sound is produced solely by their own mouths, even the drums. The sextet's repertoire combines an extensive set list of '80s and '90s pop hits with traditional a cappella tunes, original pop-style songs, and parodies. Concerts thrive on audience participation and comic sketches. The group's lineup was formed in January 1999 in Provo, Utah. Their full range of entertainment regularly lands them radio and television appearances. A majority of fledgling a cappella groups tend to miss the mark because their voices weren't made to blend together, but for the most part InsideOut does well to create a full sound. Energy practically flows from their albums and live shows; if there's one thing the group is known for, it's their consistent act of projecting their whole selves into their songs. A further facet of the group is their interweaving of spiritual hymns and odes amid their more lighthearted works. They will follow a kung fu farce with a hushing tribute to the quiet wonders of heaven. In this, they confidently walk the line between secular and sacred. Balance, after all, is one of their strengths. Otherwise, the group celebrates life through original songs, most of which are written by tenor Kimball Brown in contemporary vocal styles. You can hear the influences of Toto, Paul Simon, and other '80s icons in his writing. ~ Jared Johnson