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Phixx were created after five contestants on the 2002 British show Popstar who didn't earn a spot in the boy band One True Voice they were all competing for decided they still wanted to pursue their dreams of stardom. In February of 2003 Andrew Kinlochan, Chris Park, Nikk Mager, Mikey Green, and Peter Smith signed a contract with Hyperactive, the same people who had previously turned former Popstar losers Liberty X into a relatively successful group. Shortly after officially becoming a band, Phixx's first single, "Hold on Me," hit British airwaves. The next year their second single, "Love Revolution," came out, followed by a cover of Duran Duran's "Wild Boys." Even though Smith left the group to pursue a solo career, Phixx released their South African debut, Electrophonic Revolution, that same year. In 2005, Phixx continued to release more songs in the U.K. from their album, but by the end of the year the group had broken up completely, for the stated reason that all of the bandmembers wished to start their own solo projects. ~ Marisa Brown

    London, England

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