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On The Horizon

Julie Britchford,

WOW!! She's gorgeous and so is her voice - no weird auto-tune sound here!! What an exciting EP!! Her music is quite unique. The lyrics are intelligent and the music created around those lyrics is sometimes wistful, sometimes uplifting or just plain exciting!! She has managed to create a different mood for each song with the music as well as the lyrics.

This girl is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. Each of these 7 songs is "single" quality with no two alike. The rock music industry needs talent like this.

On the Horizon - Tiffany Britchford

Vincent Brincat,

A great collection of songs. I've been playing it in my car all week and it has really begun to grow on me. Clever lyrics, strong chorus' and vibrant in musical energy. Pick of the tracks include the title track 'On the Horizon', 'Your an Idiot' and 'War of Words'. Tiffany is a real talent with an addictive voice. Her compositions are clever and well thought out. Talent like this needs to be encouraged and supported. Don't miss it!

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