Instantly identify plants of all kinds: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more! PlantSnap is the revolutionary plant identification app from built to help you instantly identify plants in a snap.

With our latest update, PlantSnap now works in every continent on Earth! Our algorithm recognizes 90% of all species on the planet, with over 316,000 species in our searchable database.

Have you ever been on a hike, vacation or simply on an afternoon walk and wondered what species that plant, flower or tree was? Take a picture of the plant and PlantSnap will tell you what it is in seconds using its robust plant database.

With Plantsnap, you can reconnect to the natural world around you and learn about nearby plants, or browse our gallery to discover new and exotic plants all across the globe. Whether you find peace and mindfulness from hiking, or if you are interested in studying nature, Plantsnap has the resources and technology you need.

PlantSnap also comes paired with a seamlessly integrated companion website, allowing you to upload photos from your computer for instant identification or check items from your plant collection.

PlantSnap is powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence, meaning that it actually learns and improves with every image you feed it. Every image you take makes PlantSnap better and adds to the growing Plant Database. Get out there and start PlantSnapping!

PlantSnap Features:

Identify Plants with Your Camera
• Instantly learn the name of plants, flowers and trees with a picture!
• Snap a picture with your camera, plug the picture into PlantSnap and watch the Plant Database name the plant!

Plant Database
• Our database is global and our results are instantaneous. There are currently 316,000 plant species in our worldwide database, most with photos and descriptions.
• More than just flowers and trees- PlantSnap has mushrooms, succulents, cactus and more
• PlantSnap covers over ALL of the plants worldwide and hopes to fully cover almost every known plant species on Earth soon!

Plant Identification & Learning Algorithms
• Our algorithm is learning 50,000 new species per month
• PlantSnap will update automatically for you every time we add a new batch of species, no additional fees required

Companion Website
• Visit with your PlantSnap account
• View your collection from the app on the web
• Add photos to identify from your desktop, then keep track of things on your mobile

Discover the World Around You
• Rediscover nature with the help of a botanist in your pocket.
• Gamify your hikes with friends and family! Plantsnap lets you build a library of every plant, tree or flower you've snapped. See how many you can collect!
• Get some fresh air and improve your mood! Plantsnap connects the divide between technology and nature.
• Connecting to nature can be good for mindfulness or spirituality. Whether you’re an avid hiker on the trails or a botanist in a garden, quickly gain knowledge of the plants around you.
• Vacationing in another country? PlantSnap isn't just for the flowers in your garden. We have a global database of plants and works wherever you are!

Stop wondering what those plants, flowers or trees are called, and instantly know their name by snapping a picture! Have access to our growing Plant Database, and stay up-to-date on new plant species!

Download PlantSnap now and start PlantSnapping!

**Be sure to watch our instructional video to get the most accurate results!**
**Please check your email after purchasing for more detailed information.**

We are looking to make Plantsnap better all the time. Please leave your feedback in the app to help Plantsnap grow!

What's New

Version 1.32

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

3.9 out of 5

1.1K Ratings
1.1K Ratings

Very poor


I purchased this genuinely believing that the developers have had long enough to train the database by now. Regrettably, the App is useless at recognising plants! I did everything as instructed and took perfect pictures. In addition I tested the App head to head against another free App that I downloaded for comparison. I will not mention the name of the other App in case I get dismissed as having ulterior motives. I tested a variety of common plants found in most Australian gardens, including some herbs, fruit trees and ornamental trees. PlantSnap only recognised one correctly (common fig). It failed to identify all the others including parsley! It took a long time for PlantSnap to come up with the answers and all the choices were wildly wrong. The other free App was 100% accurate with a fraction of the speed to recognise the plants. I think my experience matches many other reviews. For every negative review, the developers give the same answer, cite 92% accuracy and frequently suggest that users have not followed instructions correctly. I did and I was regrettably very disappointed. The App keeps asking you to suggest the “right answer”. I was rather hoping it would educate me, not the other way round! Sorry to say that this product is very poor and I will be asking for a refund.

Developer Response

Hello Real! Very sorry for your trouble! PlantSnap has no trouble with common plants in Australia, so please let us help you at Here is a video showing PlantSnap identifying parsley: ; What other plants are you having trouble with? PlantSnap has a 4-star rating in Australia, which tell us the vast majority of people in your country have learned how to use it and have great success with it. PLEASE write to us at so we can help you become one of those people. We are sure that you are taking great photos, but with 320,000 species of plants to distinguish between, you have to frame them properly. Free apps work OK with garden and grocery store plants you already know the names of, but they only know 1000 species...that is why they are free. It will only take us 2 minutes of your time to teach you how to use PlantSnap properly. Why not write to support and let us help you learn to use it? If you don't tell us you need help, we can't help you. Here is a link to our instructional video -- instructions, features and tips for using PlantSnap:

Here is a demonstration video of a person using PlantSnap to identify a flower:

Here is a demonstration video of a person using PlantSnap to identify a plant:

Here are hundreds of videos demonstrating PlantSnapidentifying Australian plants and trees that should also be helpful:

Here is an independent review from NBC News:

Shows promise - left me wanting


AI is hard. I’m in Australia and in our gardens we have a variety of species along side the natives. I bought this app to teach me the name of shrubs I saw that interested me. The app does its best but I am never sure whether it guessed correctly as I often don’t know the correct name - two features I would like is to be able to shoot an queue. Having to wait for each image to be processed is a pain - much better if processing could occur in the back ground whilst I took more samples - Also I find the save button confronting - what I mean is that it’s all very final for a result I am unsure about - I assume pressing save also triggers data to be returned to improve the AI modeling. However - If I am way off in my guess it’s probably not helping. Would be good to have a Certain & Save and a ‘looks close but not exact to the results the app returned to me’ option.

Also -question to the developer - do your models take into account different seasons and therefore leaf colours and changes in various hemispheres compared to what the same plant might look like in a US summer?

Developer Response

Hello alittlebitdifferent! We are very sorry you are having trouble! We can't have a dialog with you here in the reviews area of iTunes, so PLEASE write to PlantSnap covers every country on Earth is 92% accurate when used properly, and we have a 4-star rating in all countries (most people simply give a star rating rather than write reviews), including Australia, so PLEASE let us help you solve the problem so you can learn to use PlantSnap and experience all the benefits of PlantSnap along with the rest of our users by writing us at

Please read this unbiased, independent review, in which they demonstrate how to use PlantSnap properly and give their unbiased opinion of how the app works:

Did you get a chance to watch the instructional video and read the welcome email? If not, please do that and let us know if it helped. With 320,000 species to distinguish between, framing the photos properly is very important. If you did watch and read and are still experiencing problems, please contact us at will only take 2 minutes of your time for us to teach you how to use PlantSnap properly and get correct results every time. But if you don't reach out to, we can't possibly know that you need help, so we won't be able to help you.

Hundreds of thousands of people have great success with PlantSnap every day, and we want you to be one of those people! We have a full refund policy, and we want you to have a great experience, and your feedback is vital to helping us continue to improve, so please do reach out to us at

Here is a link to our instructional video -- instructions, features and tips for using PlantSnap:

Here is a demonstration video of a person using PlantSnap to identify a flower:

Here is a demonstration video of a person using PlantSnap to identify a plant:

Here are hundreds of videos demonstrating PlantSnap in action that should also be helpful:

Here is an independent review from NBC TV News:

Here are dozens of other press articles and TV news reports on PlantSnap:

"Ask for Help"


For a predictive AI this feels pretty weak right now. It's a good concept though. It works about as well as a google reverse image lookup for me - the requirement for a 'perfect picture' is probably fine if you're in a backyard, but good luck if you're in wind, too much sun, too much shade, have an interesting/rare flower or the flowers and/or buds/leaves don't match the database yet, or god forbid you don't have the flower and have to go off leaves, buds and bark (get a proper field guide and ID it yourself). No, I haven't "reached out", and I don't want to. If I disagree with the app I teach it the right choice. In an online world, this is paying to beta test and train their product pure and simple, and I'm actually fine with that, but it's not a finished package. I want the app to work like a local plant specialist is looking over my shoulder, and this is *not* that, yet, although it or something like it will be one day.

Developer Response

Hi Roaka! PlantSnap works incredibly well with proper photos and framing, "perfect" photos are not required. You just have to follow some very simple rules. If you actually want a botanist in your pocket, why would you refuse our help teaching you how to use it? We are baffled by that. This is far from a beta...hundreds of thousands of people use PlantSnap every day with great success, and we want you to be one of those people! We are sure your photos are great, but you do have to pinch and move the photo to center the flowers and leaves before submitting. We have a 4-star average rating in the Australian app store, which tells us most people have great success with PlantSnap in Australia. We will happily issue a refund if we can't teach you to use PlantSnap properly. Please watch the instructional video, read the welcome email, and write to for assistance. Here are hundreds of videos and screenshots showing PlantSnap identifying hundreds of Australian plants and trees, along with an independent review from NBC News demonstrating how well it works: (Videos) (NBC News independent review and demo) (Screenshots and photos)


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