Aril Brikha

Aril Brikha is a Swedish producer, born in Iran, recording for a Detroit label. Given such far-flung origins, he's naturally been able to bring together fans of similarly disparate styles: jazzy house, minimalist Detroit techno, more experimental listening music. Born in Teheran, Brikha moved to Sweden at the age of three. After releasing material on the Swedish labels Plump, Dunkla, and Placktown Sounds, he sent a tape to Detroit's Transmat Records, owned by techno legend Derrick May. In mid-1998, Brikha released The Art of Vengeance EP on Fragile, a subsidiary of Transmat. The EP gained praise in Detroit circles, and earned Brikha a privileged spot on the rejuvenated Transmat's compilation Time: Space. His debut album, 1999's Deeparture in Time, was Transmat's first major full-length by a single artist. ~ John Bush

    Tehran, Iran
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