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About Elastinen

A Helsinki-born and based hip-hop artist and dancer, Elastinen (aka Ela) was also part of the Fintelligens crew alongside rapper and longtime friend Iso H. As a child, Elastinen (born Kimmo Ilpo Juhani Laiho in 1981) explored his interest in music by taking guitar lessons, but that soon gave way to breakdancing and rap music. In 1997, shortly after Elastinen met Iso H, the two formed the aforementioned Fintelligens, and just after the pair turned 18, scored a record deal. The group released three albums, 2000's Renesanssi, 2001's Tän Tahtiin, and 2002's Kokemusten Summa, before Elastinen went off on his own and recorded his solo debut. Released in 2004, Elaksis Kivi was a moderate hit, and it was followed up with the 2006 release Anna Soida. His second album sold much better than the first, and in 2007, with the momentum in his favor, Elastinen cracked the Finnish albums chart Top Ten with offering number three, E.L.A. ~ Chris True

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