About Faith and Gasoline

Formed in 1981 in Washington, DC, the short career of this hardcore punk band was in retrospect an influential breeding ground for some of American alternative rock?s most fêted musicians. The original line-up comprised Alec MacKaye (vocals, ex-Untouchables), Michael Hampton (guitar, ex-State Of Alert), Chris Bald (bass), and Ivor Hanson (drums). The quartet’s first release was a frenetic split-LP that paired their studio recordings with those by the recently disbanded thrash punk outfit Void. Guitarist Eddie Machete (b. Eddie Janney), MacKaye’s former bandmate in the Untouchables, was added to the line-up for 1983’s Subject To Change EP. The EP signposted a more progressive musical direction, but shortly after its release the band broke up. Hampton, Bald and Hanson went on to form emo forerunners Embrace with Ian MacKaye, while Janney joined Guy Picciotto in Rites Of Spring.