Gabriella Ferri

b. 18 September 1942, Rome, Italy, d. 3 April 2004, Corchiano, Viterbo, Latium, Italy. In 1962, Ferri started singing professionally in nightclubs in Milan, Italy. In Rome, she built a considerable local following and gained national attention with a hit recording of ‘Sempre’. She concentrated her repertoire on Roman songs, although there were always songs from other parts of Italy as well as some from America. In the 70s she appeared on Italian television, sometimes in musical shows and also in soaps. Although retaining a small fanbase her career drifted somewhat through the 80s and 90s.

In 2000, Ferri again appeared on television and reportedly had begun to look forward to resuming her career but was taking anti-depression medication. It is believed that it was the medication rather than the depression that led to her fatal fall from a balcony at her home.

    Rome, Italy
  • BORN
    18 Sep 1942

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