Slow Down Tallahassee

Hailing from Sheffield in the United Kingdom rather than the Florida city once celebrated by Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, Slow Down Tallahassee are a female-led four-piece that fuses several generations of pop, from the Shangri-Las to Pulp, into a sound that's informed by the witty irony of contemporary indie rock as well as the sunny sincerity of the radio hits of the 1960s. The members of Slow Down Tallahassee claim to have met at a bar where they were all regulars, and decided to form a group of their own after bonding over classic soul singles and vintage disco. With Claire on guitar, keyboards, and vocals (sorry, no last named allowed!), Nicola on keyboards, harp, and vocals, Rich on guitar, and a drum machine handling the percussion, the group made its recorded debut with the single "So Much for Love" b/w "UR Grace UR" and "Candy," released in 2007 by local indie label The Sheffield Phonographic Corporation. The single received a handful of enthusiastic reviews, and Slow Down Tallahassee began playing clubs and indie festivals around the U.K. Originally Claire and Nicola had been trading off on bass guitar, but the group expanded to a four-piece with the addition of Rachel, who began providing the low end for the group. In the spring of 2008, Slow Down Tallahassee released their first full-length album, The Beautiful Light, as well as a download-only single of the title track.

    Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

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