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About The Anix

A mercurial and cinematic electronic pop trio based out of Los Angeles, California, the Anix combine the brooding, synthesized stylings of Depeche Mode with the hook-heavy, anthemic indie rock of the Killers. Formed in 2000 around the talents of siblings Brandon (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, programming) and Logan Smith (drums), and longtime friend Chris Dinger (guitar), the band spent several years developing their sound. In 2008 they inked a deal with Chamberlain Productions and released their debut album, Demolition City. They moved to Cleopatra Records for their sophomore studio long-player, 2011's Sleepwalker. Their third full-length, 2017's aptly named Ephemeral, saw the trio drawing inspiration from the techno/house music scene. ~ James Christopher Monger

Los Angeles, CA

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