The Sven Libaek Orchestra

b. Sven-Erik Libaek, 20 September 1938, Norway. Early in his career, Libaek appeared in some films, including Aldri Annet Enn Bråk (1954) and Et Øye På Hver Finger (1961). Between these he also appeared in Windjammer: The Voyage Of The Christian Radich, a 127-minute documentary that sought to publicize Cinemiracle as a competitor with Cinerama, using Eastmancolor and seven-track Cinerama sound. In this film, Libaek was billed as Cadet No. 35. Later, he composed music for films such as Ride A White Horse (1968), The Set (1970), Nickel Queen aka Ghost Town Millionairess (1971), and also scored some television shows, among which were the long-running detective series Boney (1972), and Inner Space (1974).

In the 80s, Libaek was music co-ordinator for The Year Of Living Dangerously (1982) and composed for more television shows, including The Settlement (1983) and Scooby-Doo And The Reluctant Werewolf (1988), also conducting the orchestra for the latter, the mini-series Joe Wilson (1988) and Hägar The Horrible (1989). In 1997, Libaek provided the voice-over narration for a documentary about the Cinemiracle project, Chastity Truth And Kinopanorama (1997).

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