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California-based songwriter Vinny Vaguess uses his band Vaguess as an outlet for his punchy, keyboard-laced garage punk songs about anxiety, frustration, life, and death, among other topics. His songs are loud, hooky, and straight to the point, rarely lasting more than a minute or two, and sometimes they verge into more melodic power pop territory. As a band, Vaguess has varied from one to four members besides Vinny, but Miles Lutrell of Useless Eaters often drums for the group. Vaguess started in 2007, apparently as a joke, and popped up again in 2012, when the Back Off Warchild EP was released. Vaguess began playing live shows in 2013, and the full-length Drift Brain appeared on Refry Records. Tracks from the group's early tapes were compiled onto the 2015 LP Bodhi Collection, released by Sinderlyn. The 20-minute full-length Guilt Ring followed in 2017. ~ Paul Simpson

Dana Point, CA

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