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This audiobook is one the most comprehensive collections of interviews on leadership. Business Essentials of Leadership contains more than three and a half hours of conversations with 26 business experts on practical and inspiring topics to make you a more effective leader.

This is no ordinary audiobook. In fact it's not a book at all. From the producers of Australia's longest-running audio business magazine, Business Essentials, this is a collection of recorded conversations - you'll hear directly from the words of mentors, trainers, and leading businesspeople.

The speakers include Simon Madden, one of the most successful and admired VFL/AFL players and former captain of the Essendon Football Club. He says there are rich similarities between sport and business, and leadership is a part of that. Simon insists that if you can align the goals and aspirations of individuals with those of the business, then you're well on your way to being a successful leader.

Also you'll hear from Creel Price, who - with just $5,000 - built Blueprint Management Group and sold it 10 years later for a whopping $109 million. Sir Richard Branson describes Creel as "the living, breathing definition of an entrepreneur". Creel tells Business Essentials how important quick, well-based decision making is to the success of any business leader. And he offers his three-step process to what he calls 'decisionship'.

And you'll learn from the icon of Australian business leaders, Don Argus, who was credited with leading the recovery of the National Australia Bank in the 1990s. By the turn of the century, he was chairman of BHP, in which he oversaw BHP's merger with Anglo-Dutch miner Billiton. Don explains that to be successful as a leader in big or small business, you have to be able to "unleash the talent that you've got around you and capture that to deliver the outcomes you're seeking".

They're just a few examples of what you've got to listen to in this special collection of interviews on leadership. Others include former Harvey Norman sales legend Tony Gattari, trainer and mentor Anneli Blundell, top business coach Alan Hargreaves, entrepreneur Jack Delosa and many, many more.

This audiobook will not only leave you inspired but provide you with practical ideas you can put to immediate use to be a more engaging and confident leader.

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Business Essentials
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9 January
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