Skunk (Eloise Laurence) is 11, pretty cool and wise beyond her years. Her summer holidays have just begun, promising unhurried days and easy hopes. Her lawyer father (Tim Roth) adores her but is perpetually busy, her brother is a pesky older teen and their au pair Kasia is a delightful accomplice to her world – especially as Kasia has a cute boyfriend (Cillian Murphy)...who also happens to be Skunk’s teacher!But their culdesac idyll soon has a dark shadow cast over it - and them - and Skunk’s innocence begins to be drained away at a speed, and in a way she cannot control. Her home, her neighbourhood, her school become treacherous environments where the happy certainties of childhood give way, and a complex, seemingly broken world may fill her future. Skunk seeks solace in the last remaining place where she knows she can find it - the unspoken friendship with her sweet but off kilter neighbour, Rick.BROKEN is a captivating and heartbreaking exploration of love in all its many forms: idealized, unrequited, unwanted, and, ultimately, unconditional. An exceptional cast including Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Lie to Me) and Cillian Murphy (Inception, The Dark Knight, The Wind That Shakes The Barley) join Eloise Laurence in an extraordinary screen debut as Skunk to bring this powerful story to the screen. Directed by acclaimed British theatre director Rufus Norris.

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