It's been 6 long years since the hit and run accident that put disgraced former detective Edmond Bloom in a wheelchair and killed his wife Juliette. With the killer never identified, Edmond spends his days pouring over clues under the care of his submissive 20-year-old daughter Charlotte, whom he indirectly blames for the tragedy. One day, a broken and remorseful stranger appears claiming to be the driver of the car the night of the accident and begs Edmond for either forgiveness or punishment. With the killer now revealed, Edmond can finally get closure on what happened. The problem is, Edmond didn't catch him and there's no way he will let 6 years of hard detective work go to waste. Instead of seeking retribution for the past, he concocts a selfish and dangerous plan involving himself, the stranger and his daughter. Guilt, desire and resentment surface as the plan spirals out of control.

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English (Stereo, Dolby)

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