Acclaimed Globally as a "unique and exclusive insight" into the people, Soldiers and situation in Iraq, before, during and "after" the war. Out of all the films that have emerged from the rubble that has now become Iraq, In the Shadow of the Palms – Iraq is the only documentary that presents the Iraqi situation and people we actually do not get to see, the ordinary and the unique. Filmed during an exceptional period in World history, it manages to capture a reality, of the people and US servicemen. The Wrestling coach, the insights of the Professor of Poetry, scenes from fashion parades, cafes and schools... a rare, captivating and enlightening film. Views of Iraq we have never seen before. A truly visually stunning documentary, that 'shocks and awes' in more ways than one. This is a unique cinematic feature where people speak for themselves, with no narration as the film explores the life of pre-war Iraq, in their homes, Universities and cafes. It is the only film that shows the lives of ordinary Iraqis before the war, the impact of war and now the "post war" Iraq. Step out of the Green Zone with US soldiers on an IED (hidden bomb) patrol. Their conversation is interrupted as the convoy comes to a sudden stop. The danger is real, the tension mounts, and these Soldiers know that every step, every moment is potentially lethal. This Global Award Winning Feature film, is must see for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the war in Iraq.

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