Travelling back to the dark, brutal past of 13th century England, IRONCLAD 2: BATTLE FOR BLOOD plunges us headlong into one of the most violent periods in English medieval history - a few good men fought against insurmountable odds to defend their country from bloodthirsty Celtic Tribes. Ironclad 2: Battle For Blood is the continuing story of honour and action and excitement. BLOOD WILL RUN. Gathered together by young Hubert, a small band of hired swords gather inside his family's castle, intent on holding off evil Celtic Tribesmen hell-bent on revenge for the death of their leader's son. The group includes a young mercenary named Guy whose soul is wracked with guilt over the atrocities he has committed during the days and years after the great battle of Rochester Castle - his cousin Kate - and battle-hardened mercenaries such as Berenger, who fight not for God and country but for money and bloodlust.

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