Academy Award-nominee Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient, Gosford Park) gives the performance of her career in the award-winning and critically-acclaimed I've Loved You So Long. Scott Thomas stars as Juliette, a distant and withdrawn woman with a hard shell. After a long spell away, Juliette returns to live with Lea (Elsa Zylberstein), the sister she has not seen for 15 years, and her busy family. After a cautiously happy reunion, the two siblings slowly start to rebuild their relationship, and Juliette does her best to carry on with the everyday - searching for a job, looking after her gorgeous nieces, swimming with her sister at the local pool. But Juliette has obviously been through an extremely traumatic experience, and her silence makes fitting into her new life difficult for all involved. Everyone has questions. Just where has Juliette been all this time, and what has she been doing? As her secrets start to be revealed, the enormity of the events in Juliette's life begin to take hold and threaten to devastate her life all over again.

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