Chevy Chase plays Nick Halloway, a man who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nick’s rendered invisible when a secret government experiment goes haywire. Just prior to this twist of fate, Nick met Alice Monroe (Daryl Hannah), a documentary filmmaker and he felt that things might be turning around for him. Now, however evil government agent David Jenkins (Sam Neill) has other ideas for Nick: an invisible man would be the perfect secret weapon. Nick wants none of this... he just wants his life back. On the run, Nick must hide out, even from those who could help, as Jenkins will stop at nothing to get Nick back. But Alice comes through. Applying makeup to Nick’s face and placing a wig on his head, she manages to give him enough believability to go out in public — but their time of enjoyment is short-lived. Alice secures train tickets to Mexico but Jenkins is hot on the trail. Nick escapes, but the twisted Jenkins takes Alice as hostage. In an attempt to rescue her, Nick gets his friend George to dress like him to fool Jenkins. Jenkins falls for it at first, but unfortunately soon catches on. Just in time, government reinforcements come to the rescue, having been tipped off about Jenkins deteriorating emotional state. In the end, Alice and Nick plan a future together... but Alice is a little apprehensive as to how she’ll be able to keep track of their children!

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20th Century Fox


English (Subtitled, Stereo)

Arabic (Subtitled), Croatian (Subtitled), Czech (Subtitled), Danish (Subtitled), Dutch (Subtitled), Finnish (Subtitled), German (Subtitled), Greek (Subtitled), Hebrew (Subtitled), Icelandic (Subtitled), Italian (Subtitled), Norwegian (Subtitled), Polish (Subtitled), Portuguese (Brazil) (Subtitled), Portuguese (Portugal) (Subtitled), Slovenian (Subtitled), Spanish (Subtitled), Spanish (Spain) (Subtitled), Swedish (Subtitled), Turkish (Subtitled)

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