Hayley Graham likes to defy and conquer two things: the law and the laws of gravity. But when she fails on both accounts and faces court, she can't defy her punishment: being sent to the Vickerman Gymnastics Academy, an elite facility run with military regimentation. Here Hayley will re-visit her former life: the one where she almost made it as a World Champion. That is until she walked out on the day of competition, making her entire team lose. So when Hayley turns up at the Academy, the girls aren't pleased to see her. OK, understatement of the year: In the world of Gymnastics, hating Hayley was practically a sport. You see, when you lose Team USA some team gold, it's not personal, it's national! As you can guess, Hayley is going to have to pull off some verbal gymnastics if she is to regain the trust of her team and lead them to victory. It's going to be a tough road, complete with dirty tricks, nasty ploys and revolting-looking leotards. Hey but what do you expect - it's not called Gymnicetics!

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