Award-winning director, Na Hong-jin, stunned the world in 2009 with his blistering debut feature The Chaser. He now follows this with The Yellow Sea, an epic masterpiece that breathes new life into the action genre. Gu-nam, a desperate gambler and debt-ridden taxi driver has lost everything, including his family. To repay his debts he must accept a contract killing from the mob. He's smuggled across the dangerous Yellow Sea to Seoul where he seeks out both his target and wife. The plan seems simple, but Gu-nam's hit spirals dangerously out of control, he soon finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy of lies and betrayal. What follows is a chaotic joyride of violence, double-crosses and some of the most intense hand-to-hatchet action you are ever likely to see! The Yellow Sea has been voted "BEST NEW CRIME DRAMA" and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It blends multiple genres with ease offering not only a magnificently exciting series of escalating action sequences but also one of the most compelling character dramas in recent history. The Yellow Sea is the first Korean film to ever receive investment from a major Hollywood studio (Fox International Productions).

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