Jessica Mauboy

Here it is!! The brand new video for my single #ThisAintLove <3 <3 It's also available now on iTunes:

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Pamela Woods
18 9 2016

That song is so fabulous I love actually I am going to go on i tunes on search and look up Jessica Mauboy and get the song called this Ain't love and listen to it very single day

Larna Bennett
8 11 2016

Oh my god she's the best singer ever your my bff I love you Jessica Mauboy 🍇🍑🌳🍉🍅🍋🍓🎋🍰💋💛💜💚💛💜💚🐾🌺🍂🐲😍🌾🌸🌹🍐🍐🌻🌴

25 5 2017

I love you so much and our whole family listens to you