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"We, along with the other 12 Arks, flying out to the far reaches of space are now the only remnants left of humanity. We are the chosen few for the world's only life rafts. We are Ark-13 and this is an S.O.S."

When Jake Hansen was selected by GENESIS for Ark-13, he didn't know what the new world would look like. He didn't that when he awoke from hyper sleep he would feel like a captive. He didn't know that GENESIS would remain on the bridge of the ship and in control of all resources. He didn't know that they would prosecute his fellow colonists for treason. He didn't know that his natural born rights would be abused. Jake didn't know that he would have to lead an insurrection to control the Ark - and the course of humanity along with it.

With constant intrigue and mystery, Ark-13 can best be described as Lost meets Interstellar. It carries a broad appeal, as the themes of the story center around the human condition, resilience, self-preservation, and technology's clash with nature.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Kevin Gallagher, B.B. Gallagher
hr min
April 18
B.B. Gallagher

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a really nice story wrapped up in a nice package

Ark-13, the final of Earth's last chance for survival.  There were 13 arks in total, and Jake Hansen is on the final ark.  He has also been given one of the esteemed positions on the ship.  After he does some digging around, he finds more than he expects to.

The narration was done by the author and Kevin Gallagher.  I'm not sure who was who, but one of the narrators was perfect (the one who narrates most of the story).  He was a wonderful storyteller who kept the book moving and used his voice to make the story better.  The other (I honestly don't know who was who, and I don't like making negative comments) narrated some of the journal entries.  They weren't bad, they just lacked some inflection and that "umph" that good books have.  Thankfully, most of the story is narrated by the better of the two narrators.  The production quality was good, and I found no problems.

The story was short and sweet.  Well, not sweet.  The story left me dumbfounded.  I'm still not really sure what to think of the ending. I liked it, but I was totally blindsided by it, and I think that's a good thing.  In an era where everything seems to follow the same script and same a + b + c = a good story -- this story took a nice turn.

The main character, Jake was also and interesting one.  Without much back story (just enough), the reader is able to follow and even root for Jake as he tries to figure out what is going on with the ark and with Genesis.

Overall, Ark 13 was a really nice story wrapped up in a nice package.  I'm a fan of novellas, and ones that can be written and tell a wonderful story will always be rated well by me.  Some people will think that the story was too short or lacked some character development, but I'd disagree.

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