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Brooklyn threesome ZO2 kick out the classic rock sound like the '70s never ended, which hardly seems in line with their other gigs. Vocalist and bassist David Z. is also a member of the Christmas favorites Trans-Siberian Orchestra, while his brother, vocalist and guitarist Paulie Z., is a familiar voice for anyone who has heard the song parodies created by the Howard Stern radio show. Drummer Joey Cassata was a member of the performance art troupe the Blue Man Group when ZO2 released their first album, Tuesdays & Thursdays, in 2004. Touring as the opening act for Kiss introduced them to many new fans, and soon the IFC channel came calling, offering the group a reality show. Telling the story of a band on its way up, the show was being taped as ZO2 released their 2007 effort, Ain't It Beautiful. ~ David Jeffries

    Brooklyn, NY

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