11 Songs, 41 Minutes


About Clandestine

Clandestine was founded in 1991 as a pipe and drum ensemble, and over the course of time has evolved into a popular Celtic band. As of 2001, they are a four-member group based in Houston, TX. Their first album, The Ale Is Dear, was released in 1996, and they have since followed it up with 1997's The Haunting and the 1999 releases To Anybody at All and The Clandestine Sampler. Their performances are noted for their exquisite vocal harmonies meshed with vibrant instrumentals. They also describe their music on their website as "wicked fun," and their enjoyment of their work gives it added vitality.

E.J. Jones began playing the Highland bagpipes at 11 years old and has been a prizewinner in the U.S. Piping Foundation and the Nicol-Brown Chalice competitions. He went to the World Pipe Band Championships with the Hamilton Pipe Band when they placed first in the Grade Three Competition. Jones' years of traditional study provide a solid grounding for his performances, and his original arrangements open up new possibilities for the band.

Jennifer Hamel is Clandestine's primary vocalist, and also plays guitar as well as creates original songs for the band.

Gregory McQueen played the fiddle on tour through Europe with the Irish band Dalriada before becoming a member. He joined Clandestine in 1994 to play the pipes and collaborate with Hamel.

Emily Dugas is the most recent addition, as she joined Clandestine in 1996. She brings percussion and harmony vocals to the mixture. In addition to her musical talents, she's been active in stagework and theatre for more than ten years. ~ Murrday Fisher