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"A Killer Metronome for Free without ad!"@ (
"I'm a musician that relies on a metronome with a lot a customization. This is the best Metronome app I've used, and I've tried a dozen different ones."

Beat On - The best and most Advanced Metronome App for iOS built in with special training modes to improve the sense of rhythm and learn different music styles. Watch the instruction Video:

Beat On is based on the industrial standard MIDI technology. It is the most accurate metronome, and the Tempo of which can be corrected to two decimal places.

Beat On offers two unique training modes, with this function, it builds your rhythm faster and smarter: Accuracy Training and Speed Training.

The Accuracy Training Mode is to practice with a regular loop between Sound On and Sound Off. You can try to follow the beat in the tempo when the Sound is Off, then check if you are still in the right tempo when the sound is back on.

The Speed Training Mode has easier ways to build your speed of strumming, drumming or jamming other instruments. In this mode, Beat On automatically changes the Tempo in optional speed rate(BPM) and bars. You can also set the starting BPM and finishing BPM to practice from fast to slow or slow to fast, of course, you can practice in loop.

You can easily customize the time signatures (1~16/1, 1~16/2, 1~16/4, 1~16/8, 1~16/16) and subdivisions including whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, thirty second note, sixty fourth note, triple notes and syncopated notes.

The accents of beats can also be customized to any position in a looping bar which includes Accent "f" (Yellow), Unaccented "p" (Grey) and Rest "Mute" (Black).

Besides hearing the beat tones and watching the beat sector on the screen, you can also See the beats in Flashlight and Feel the beats in Vibration(iPhone Only).

You can save tempo, time signature, subdivision into the setlist for practice, band jamming and live performing. You can reload and play a song whenever you want.

There are many other cool features such as background-play, tone position reversal, audio output balance, independent APP volume control and more.

Beat On Features:
*Based on MIDI technology, extremely accurate as quartz.

*Absolutely easy to use and AD FREE.

*Powerful and Easy-to-Use Time Signatures settings
*Subdivisions include whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, thirty second note, sixty fourth note, triple notes and syncopated notes.

*14 studio-remixed high fidelity Metronome Tones, specially optimized for iOS speakers.
*Tone position reversal mode.
*Dynamic Accent settings, including Accent "f", Unaccented "p" and Rest "Mute".

*TAP to calculate BPM.

*3 ways of Auto-Lock Options.

*Background-Play keeps metronome working in backstage and with other APPs simultaneously
*Independent volume control.
*Audio output Balance adjustment.

*LED flashlight on Accent, let your band mates see the beats.

*Vibration on Accent, makes you FEEL the beats.

*Setlist memory, save your favorite settings and reload whenever you need.


*Flashlight and Vibrate are only available for iPhones.

===Tapgic Missions===

To create professional, powerful, useful and easy-to-use musical apps and gears for musicians.To see people have fun while learning, playing and creating music with Tapgic products. 

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Version 1.2.2

Special Thanks to Soemano Zeijlmans,Florian Fügemann,Roy Sajima,Rodrigo ERSE,Nacho Erquiaga, Jin Park,Martin,Ogi(Aria Prayogi),Huazi Liu for the translations.

Please help us by kindly rating and reviewing this version of Beat On. The more ratings and reviews we get, the more updates and features we can provide.

-----v1.2.2 Updates------
1,Fixed bugs in setlist ordering.
2,Added 15 extra beat sounds.
3,Optimized internal performances.

-----v1.2.1 Updates------
1,Added languages:Dutch,German,Japanese,Portuguese (Portugal),Spanish.
2,UI improved for iPads Retinal Version.
3,Bugs fixed.

-----v1.2.0 Updates------
1, Added Time Signatures: Whole Note, Sixteenth Note
2, Added Subdivisions: The most various subdivisions including whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, thirty second note, sixty fourth note, triple notes and syncopated notes.
3, Updated performance of the metal dial-wheel, now you can easily set the tempo.
4, Updated UI for iPhone
5, Optimized for iOS7

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Beat on

Jean-Marc R. M.

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De laatste 2 jaar gebruikte ik deze meer dan degelijke app vrij intensief. Onder iOS 9 werkt Beat On echter niet meer. En natuurlijk had ik de volledige, betaalde versie. Hopelijk komt er een update maar aangezien de laatste update al van 2013 dateert, vrees ik van niet. Jammer, heel jammer.

Best metronome app


The best metronome app in the store.


Scony Su
78 Mo
Nécessite iOS 5.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Allemand, Anglais, Chinois simplifié, Chinois traditionnel, Coréen, Espagnol, Indonésien, Japonais, Norvégien, Néerlandais, Portugais
Classé 4+
© 2013
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  1. All Subdivisions 1,09 €
  2. Full-Featured Version 3,49 €
  3. Accuracy Training Mode 1,09 €

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