Loop ON is app for recording music, sounds and your own improvisations. It is a 12-track recorder and loop-station with audio fx. It's nothing easier: just press the rec button and than the application will do everything for you.

Record and compose

- 12 tracks for recording audio loops

- Real time recording

- Dubbing any track, without stopping

Use audio FX

- Use 5 audio effects for a variety of sounds:

Reverb (Echo); Filter (Filter for cutting different frequencies); Vol (volume and pan settings); Pitch (Correction of pitch); Delay (delay effect)

- Apply different effects and immediately record the result in audio

Perform on stage and train your skills

- No latency, allows you to use it directly on the stage

- Ability to immediately listen and evaluate your result

Share your music

- Just click on the "share" button and surprise your friends with your master beatbox or new song

Have you always dreamed of record your improvisations on guitar or vocal jams ? Or just wanted to try to make rhythms, like beatbox masters? Or maybe you like to perform vocal tricks and want to practice alone with yourself? With Loop ON, it's possible for everyone and just a few clicks!

Just try it.


Versie 3.6

Thank you for using our application! In the update we made:

- Added free reverse effect.Press long tap on the recorded audio track and push "Reverse" button.If you want to return the audio file back then do the same action and push "Backward"
- Improved some effects quality
- Improved speed of adding music from the library
- Fix minor issues
- Improved stability
- Improving performance on weaker devices
Do you want to support the project or do you have difficulties? Please write us about this in the comments :)

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PRO Pack

Additional audio tracks+FX pack+Remove ADS

9,99 €


Anzhela Kravchuk
22.1 MB
Vereist iOS 9.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Duits, Engels, Russisch
Beoordeeld 4+
© insidemegames
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  1. PRO Pack 9,99 €


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