Take your gun, involve your accuracy, find the target and kill these nasty assassins! Prove you are a professional soldier in Superhot Action Shooter Quantum 3D game!
New spin-off of famous Superhot game series! It seems that there is no way out and you will be dead in a second… but it’s too early to ground arms! Stop the enemy's aggression immediately! Shoot more and more to raise up your accuracy!
Feel like a brave S.W.A.T. soldier situated in a frontline of a furious battle and surrounded by powerful Mafia enforcers and mercenaries with countless tons of ammunition. But you can control the flows of time and this ability gives you a chance to win and leave the battlefield sound and safe!
Now you are surrounded by hundreds of merciless Mafia’s assassins and brawlers just trying to kill you! But you have one advantage: time moves only when you’re moving, it means you have a great chance to hit the target and destroy your enemy like a true sniper!
Use your shooting and fighting skills, to break free from this dangerous frontline and destroy all bandits and mercenaries! Stop the time to avoid the enemy, control your bullets’ trajectories to get on target!
Superhot Action Shooter Quantum 3D features:
New edge of world-famous slow-mo action shooter
Dangerous battlefield filled with furious Mafia’s enforcers
Two different modes: kill thugs or stay alive as long as you can
Many challenging levels full of bloody aggression
Easy and intuitive controls for all the ages
Tone of ammunitions for your choice


Geimz Banner Netvork, OOO
93.2 MB
Vereist iOS 8.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.
Gekeurd 12+ voor:
Content met mild realistisch geweld kan soms voorkomen
Content met mild animatiegeweld of fictief geweld kan soms voorkomen
© Geimz Banner Netvork, OOO
4,49 €


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