Crissy D

b. Dawnette Nevers, c.1973, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Nevers demonstrated her musical talent while in high school at the Alpha Academy in Kingston, but was encouraged by her foster parents to pursue a career as a sales representative. She considered singing to be just a hobby and was clearly influenced by Michael Jackson. Nevers would sing Jackson’s songs to her friends and even dressed like the star. The notoriety of her obsession spread and she became regarded as ‘the loveable clone’ of the self-styled King Of Pop in Jamaica. A family member took the initiative by introducing her to Danny Browne of the Bloodfire Posse. Browne also freelanced as an engineer and had heard Nevers singing backup on a recording session at an unknown Kingston recording studio. Her performance impressed the producer who invited her to join him in what has become a long and fruitful partnership. He persuaded her to pursue a career in music and she immediately quit her job. She worked at Browne’s new Main Street studio and formed part of the Main Street Crew. In her early days at the studio she received guidance from General Degree, Junior Tucker, and Lady G. As part of the crew Nevers was recruited for Browne’s Japanese projects, appearing on a series of CDs called Super Reggae Mix for the Overheat organisation. She sang a number of cover versions for the project, which enabled her to gain the experience for a career as a soloist. In 1996, she toured Japan playing in four cities as the opening act for Thriller U. On her return to Jamaica she recorded a duet with Lady G (‘Provide The Wine’) and Richie Stephens (‘Physical Attraction’), that led to a performance at Reggae Sumfest. Her appearance was met with critical acclaim not only for her talent but also a look that had not been common on the Jamaican stage for many years. She then released a combination hit with Goofy (‘Hot Stuff’/‘Hot Gal’), that resulted in Nevers being regarded as one of the hottest young stars in Jamaica. International recognition arrived when she joined Red Rat performing ‘Nuh Live Nuh Weh’, a dancehall version of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. In 1999, the singer was re-united with Goofy for sessions on the DJ’s debut, I Don’t Give a Damn, notably the signature tune, ‘Goofy Laugh’ a wicked interpretation of the Sister Sledge chart-topper ‘Frankie’. In 2000 Nevers teamed up with Lady G and the B15 Project for the UK Top 10 hit, ‘Girls Like Us’.

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