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Delarosa & Asora, just one of the aliases Atlanta producer Scott Herren uses to create interesting, intelligent experimental-electronics (Prefuse 73 and Savath + Savalas are others), concentrates on melodic techno that's certainly not smooth, but rather suffused with the glitchy processing beloved by fellow Schematic heads like Phoenecia and Richard Devine. Herren's first full-length, 1997's Sleep Method Suite, was released as simply Delarosa. A 1999 single ("Crush the Sight-Seers") followed, after which a combined LP/EP (Agony, Pt. 1 and Backsome EP) appeared during a very active 2000-2001 for Herren, who also released full-lengths as Prefuse 73 and Savath + Savalas. When not recording his own work, Herren has also dabbled in production for Seely's Seconds and Floraline's self-titled debut of 1999. ~ John Bush

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