Francis Bernier

While it is notable that Francis Bernier hit many pop music milestones in a relatively short amount of time, it's made all the more astounding in that these milestones were all achieved before the age of ten. Born in Quebec in 1997, Bernier began his vocal career on French Canadian television, dueting with Patrick Norman. In 2005, Bernier made his first recorded appearance, on the November 2005 release Les Fans Chantent Noel. Shortly thereafter he landed a second duet, this time with the most dominant of French Canadian pop stars, Celine Dion. To add to what sounds like quite a busy time for a kid finishing up his first decade, Bernier released an album of French-language standards and originals in September 2007. The album featured appearances by such Francophone luminaries as Serge Lama. ~ Chris True

    St-Rédempteur, Quebec, Canada
    French Pop
  • BORN
    05 September 1997

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