Klaus & Kinski

Taking its name from iconic German actor Klaus Kinski, this indie pop duo from Murcia, Spain, started to take shape around 2005, when producer and multi-instrumentalist Alejandro Martínez invited singer Marina Gómez to add vocals to his demos. After a string of successful appearances in festivals and talent contests, the duo released its debut LP, Tu Hoguera Está Ardiendo, in 2008. Their sophomore album, 2010's Tierra, Trágalos, was hailed as one of the year's finest in Spain, and the group was praised for its ingenious eclecticism, able to accommodate elements as dissimilar as sampling, bolero, shoegaze, disco, and Charleston, into a unique aesthetic. By the time Herreros y Fatigas appeared in 2012, Klaus & Kinski had expanded to include three more or less stable members, Paco Martínez Tomás, Antonio de Vicente-Yagüe, and Pilar Crespo Amador. ~ Mariano Prunes

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