Legion of Green Men

Alexander Addicus and Rupert J. Lloyd have applied their warped visions of ambient breakbeat, dub and trip-hop to sampling experimentation under such messed-up aliases as Zeuxis & the Painted Grapes, Empirical Sleeping Consort, Alkahest and, most often, Legion of Green Men. Based in the relatively quiet metropolis of Burlington, Ontario, the duo formed their own Post Contemporary label in the early '90s and organized around a production team named Incarnate. Two 1994 releases as Legion of Green Men, the single "Midnight Genius" and debut LP Spatial Specific, earned Addicus and Lloyd a bit of credibility around the country and gave them a record-distribution deal through fellow Canadian Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 label. Virgin Canada picked up the baton too, giving the album worldwide release. The duo had already moved on however, with the debut of dub alias Zeuxis & the Painted Grapes for a 1995 LP titled Mystic Songs from the Sanitorium, released through Post Contemporary. They also recorded EPs as Incarnate and Alkahest before dropping their long-awaited sophomore album as Legion of Green Men, 1999's Floating in Shallow Water. ~ John Bush

    Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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