The Burnouts

Formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the late ‘90s, the Burnouts play a furious kind of punk, blended with garage and alternative rock extreme influences. Constituted by vocalist JT, bassist Helle Hellcat, guitarist Lars Loco, and drummer Bondo, the Danish crew soon proved to be one of the most daring bands within the intrepid Scandinavian rock & roll scene. In 1999, the quartet managed to record their first album, Go-Go Racing!, issued by Bad Afro records; and still in that same year appeared in the compilation Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man!, alongside bands like Turbonegro and the Hellacopters. One year after their first album, the crew offered No Erection, No Love, a 7" three-song single, months before the edition of Close to Break Evil, their second full-length disc, in 2001. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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