Vending Machine

The moniker for the solo project of Big Ass Truck guitarist Robby Grant, Vending Machine incorporates elements of lo-fi rock, folk, funk, garage, singer/songwriter pop, and whatever else happens to strike Grant's fancy. His debut, Unleavened Bread, was released on Yep Roc in 1997. Having taken the Vending Machine name from a song he wrote while reading over the business section of a newspaper, which is apparently a frequent songwriting inspiration, Grant's four-track follow-up The Chamber From Here to There was a dizzying roll call of stylistic jumps, hilariously eccentric arrangements, and lyrical obscurity that was far more successful than it should have reasonably been. Occasionally performing solo under the Vending Machine brand name, as well as with the occasional drummer and bassist, Grant nonetheless returned to active duty with Big Ass Truck in 2001. ~ Matt Fink

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