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British electronic rock group Infadels are comprised of Bnann (vocals), Matt Gooderson (guitars and programming), Wag Marshall-Page (bass), Richie Vermin (keyboards), and Alex Bruford (drums). Formed in Hackney, East London, the band exploded onto the live rock scene after forming in 2003. Founded by Bruford (son of drumming legend Bill Bruford), Gooderson, and Bnann, the trio was later joined by Vermin and Marshall-Page, using Vermin's Dead at Thirty Records to release their first couple of singles, "Leave Your Body" and "Can't Get Enough/Murder That Sound." The songs combined with the band's rapidly growing underground credibility won it Best Live Act and Best Dance Band honors at 2004's Diesel-U-Music Awards. These accolades tipped the scales in their favor, garnering Infadels a contract with Wall of Sound Records. The band headed into the studio in January of 2005 aided by producer Jagz Kooner to begin work on its debut record, We Are Not the Infadels. The record was released a year later in Jan of 2006. Infadels spent the duration of that year on the road, playing better than 150 shows throughout Europe and Australia. In addition to headlining, they shared the stage with established groups like the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, and Faithless. For their innovative sound and tireless performance schedule, Infadels quickly became something of a favorite in the emerging European rock-dance crossover scene. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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