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About I Califfi

The original I Califfi formed in Florence, Italy, in 1966, a pounding beat band whose membership included future Area guitarist Paolo Tofani and drummer Carlo Felice Marcovecchio, later of Campo di Marte.

During their five years together, the band released a string of at least 11 singles in Italy, plus a self-titled album, but split in 1971.

The following year, bassist Franco Boldrini pieced together a new line-up around himself, brother Maurizio Boldrini (drums), Vincenzo Amadei (guitar, vocals) and Sandro Cinotti (keyboards).

Eschewing the now-outdated sounds for which I Califfi was originally renowned, this new version was rooted in moog-heavy progressive rock and, in 1973, released the album Fiore di Metallo.

Sadly it did little; intriguingly, however, several of the album's songs would subsequently be covered (with new English lyrics) by former I Califfi guitarist Tofani for inclusion on his Electric Frankenstein album. ~ Dave Thompson


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