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As with most towns through out the United States, there is a person who stands out as a major contributor to that particular city's techno scene. With Philadelphia, Nigel Richards remains that person. As founder of 611 Records, Richards has brought musical attention to a city mostly known for history and hoagies. Taking influence from the early sound of Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, and Terry Mullen, Richards' sound spans from house to straightforward four on the floor techno.

In his earlier days, Richards gained access to music through his experience with University of Rochester's AM radio station in 1988 and 1989. After graduating with a major in economics, he returned to Philadelphia to further explore his new found love for dance music. The love was solidified on August 5, 1993, when Richards founded and opened the doors to 611 Records, a label and record store based in the city of brotherly love. Through his career he has thrown many parties in the Philadelphia area and traveled world wide working as a DJ. His has recorded music for Stickman, Communique-Party Rock, and 611, along with remixes for Nervous Records.

His first mix CD, DJ Mix: A Commemorative Mix... was released late 2000, through Kinetic Records, which Nigel signed a CD distribution deal with. ~ Diana Potts

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