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Indebted to tough-techno pioneers Underground Resistance as well as the minimalist heads at Berlin's Basic Channel, Scotsman Tony Scott has been recording excellent techno from his base in Glasgow since the mid-'90s. Scott originally appeared with Richard Miller in the trance -- as it was known in 1993, that is -- duo Havana, which broke with a club hit named "Schtoom." Though the pair split, they continued releasing material separately on a co-owned label, Out on a Limb. It was just a matter of time before Scott debuted for Glasgow's finest, the Soma label owned by Stuart MacMillan and Orde Meikle from Slam. His three 1995 releases for the label -- "X-Trak 1," "Odyssey," and "-3," the latter with co-production from Andrew Weatherall -- were floor-fillers on those dancefloors devoted to Spartan techno. His first LP, Spyx, followed in 1996, though Scott kept a comparatively low profile during the next few years, issuing only three EPs during 1997-1999. The sophomore Percy X album, Gain, followed in 2000. ~ John Bush

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