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b. Nick Barber, 1968. With a background in punk, reggae, rock and Indian music, Taylor’s first release, the EP Disposable Hymn To The Infinite, was on Novamute Records in 1991. He has since recorded for a number of the top trance labels, including the Born Again EP (Matsuri Productions 1995) and ‘Double Dragons’ (Dragonfly Records). In 1995 he released ‘Let’s Turn On’ (a collaboration with Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen) on TIP Records, followed in 1996 by ‘Angelina’ and ‘Destination Bom’ (also on TIP), which all became favourites on the trance scene. Towards the end of that year, TIP released Doof’s eagerly awaited debut album, Let’s Turn On, one of the most coherent and enduring releases in the ‘Goa’ trance style. On tracks such as ‘Mars Needs Women’ and ‘Destination Bom’, Barber distilled the rip-roaring, four-on-the-floor/Indian mode style in careful, restrained arrangements, while presenting a more tranquil, chilled-out trance sound on ‘Sunshrine’ and ‘Star Over Parvati’. At the same time, the album is characterized as a whole by his focused collection of sounds. In 1997, he contributed ‘The Tower And The Star’ to the TIP compilation Infinite Excursions II; the following year ‘Wormwhole’ was released on TIP’s Beyond Colour. He has also written tracks for the dub compilations Dub Mashing Up Creation and Dubbed On Planet Skunk for Dubmission Records. Barber frequently travels and performs around Europe and further afield. He has remixed for a number of artists including the Green Nuns Of The Revolution, Hallucinogen and the Infinity Project.

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