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Fast and rhythmically tight melodic hardcore from New Jersey, Static Radio NJ came together in 2002 as simply Static Radio before a band of the same name on the West Coast piped up with their disapproval. The "NJ" was eventually added to the end of their moniker to appease that other group, right around the same time the quartet -- vocalist Mike, bassist Vic, guitarist Little Mike, and drummer Chris -- decided to really go at the whole band thing full force. A five-song 7" entitled One for the Good Guys appeared in late 2006 via Jersey punk imprint Chunksaah Records, which earned the guys tons of comparisons to acts like Kid Dynamite and Paint It Black. The following year Black Numbers issued the album as a CD with two additional tracks; Static Radio NJ's get-in-get-out approach clocked the record in at barely ten minutes long. ~ Corey Apar

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