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Hailing from New York, alto saxophonist Monty Waters played with James Brown, B.B. King, Miles Davis and John Coltrane in the 50's and 60's and was one of the founders of the New Yorker independent club "Loft". He has recorded with Ronnie Boykins, Billy Higgins and Charlie Persip, among others. In recent years he has been working in Europe, with Mal Waldron, Sonny Murray, Ray Brown and Chet Baker in France and with Embryo, Tom Nicholas, Wolfgang Lackerschmidt and Marty Cook - the latter collaboration resulting in the 1993 album "Borderlines" * in Germany. Since 1995, one of Waters' main projects has been a duo with the German guitarist Titus Waldenfels, presenting a mixture of jazz and blues (with Monty not only playing saxophone but also singing) to audiences of renowned jazz festivals and in notable jazz clubs (such as the Unterfahrt in Munich). Monty's latest CD, "Moonlight in Slovakia", issued on Ladybug in 1999, has him playing with the L'ubo Šamo Quintet, a Sloviakian group - consisting of violinist L'ubo Šamo, pianist Peter Adamkovic, bassist Martin Marincak and drummer Gejza Szabados plus guitarist Titus Waldenfels - and features two of Waters' duo recordings with Waldenfels. ~ Christian Genzel

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