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Danish DJ and producer Tommy Gee formed ambient-techno-funk outfit Tournesol with partner Thomas Lynge in 1990, after a series of live performances and a smattering of production work for European techno pioneer Kenneth Bager (of Dr. Baker fame). Deriving the name from Gee's propensity as a DJ for throwing in snippets of Tintin read-along records (Tournesol is the mad professor character in Belgian artist Hergé's famous strip), the group's work first appeared on the Danish CD project Secrets, funded by the government as a showcase for local unknown talent. Following a scattering of compilation appearances and a highly successful remix of a Cut'N'Move track, Tournesol signed with the Belgian R&S label, through which they've released all of their EP- and album-length work under that name. Primarily engaging ambient, techno, electro, and funk on tracks not immediately recognizable as dancefloor fare, Tournesol's two full-length albums, Kokotsu and Moonfunk, are highly respected for pushing genre boundaries into areas of suggestive, far-reaching overlap. In addition to Tournesol, Gee has also released material as Word Up and Phat Phorce. The group also penned a deal with EMI Denmark as Phuture Rhyme, a more pop-oriented, mainstream dance crossover unit. ~ Sean Cooper

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