Carrying out relentless trips across the noisiest pop style, Carlos' powerful melodies loaded with brimming guitar strains are similar to a creative evolution of pure punk style. The band members first met while attending school in their hometown of Millbrae, CA. Composed by Richard Scramaglia (guitar, vocals), Doug Lippi (drums), and bassist Alan Moon, the unit began operating in 1990. The San Francisco club scene was their first action field and during three years they managed to record a series of EPs and singles that turned out to be compiled on their first full-length record, Coriander Salamander released in 1994 on the Switchtrack Records logo. In the year after, the California crew signed on with Headhunter Records, which eventually released their second album, Amy Armageddon, in 1996, distributed by Cargo Records. A whole year of touring followed, before Lippi decided to leave, being substituted by Dee Galway. Following the alignment change, Carlos moved to Amazing Grease Records, a label headed by Scott Kannberg of Pavement, before guitarist Richard Marshall joined the band in 2000, therefore establishing the crew as a four-piece. Devil's Slide their fourth album, hit the record stores in 2001, being their latest release to date. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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