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Mexican singer/actor Erick Rubín got involved in popular music while participating in a local teen pop collective called Timbiriche, starting his solo career with the release of La Casa del Amor in 1993. As an actor, he successfully performed roles in the Latin soap opera Muñecos de Papel, the play Rent, and the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. After issuing the Latin rock-oriented Sueño de Fantasía in 1995 and Frecuencia Continental in 1997, Erick Rubín returned in 2002 as Erik with Quadrasónico, a mixture of 1970s club/dance music, pop/rock, and electronica, co-produced by Jorge Amaro and Aureo Baqueiro. Rubin would continue to release full-lengths during the new millennium, culminating in 2009's Aquí y Ahora, his sixth. In 2007, he rejoined Timbiriche for a 25th anniversary reunion performance. ~ Drago Bonacich & Chris True

    Puebla, Mexico
  • BORN
    30 Jan 1971

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