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A dying town. A family on the rocks. Can Ruben break the cycle of destruction before he loses it all?

Ruben and the entire town of Santa Rita, Argentina depend on the Frigorifico, a major factory and the town’s main source of work. When the factory closes down, Ruben must make a choice: hope for a reopening or start over somewhere else. After deciding to move, Ruben must do so without any of his family or loved ones.

As he makes a new life for himself in Buenos Aires, he watches the situation in Santa Rita deteriorate. The most disturbing part is that his brother, Frede, is immersed in the violence that continues to spread. And as a result, everyone Ruben loves has drifted into harm’s way. When tragedy strikes, despite his best efforts, Ruben must come to terms with the past, the present, and what will become of the future.

The Frigorifico is a work of literary fiction for the 99%. If you like powerful storytelling, real characters, and literature that peels back the curtain of today’s society, then you’ll love G.D. Leon’s chilling look back into a bygone era.

Fiction & Literature
August 21
G.D. Leon
G.D. Leon

Customer Reviews

The reviewer9898 ,

Loved it!

A very engrossing book. The writing is simple and flowing. The characters reach out to the readers and tug at the despair and hope in each one of us. The story is very well rounded and the end very unexpected. Love it!

MBreuss ,

A story where u will become part of it...

The Frigorifico is a true reflection of what many cities this days are going through.
Many of the towns have something in common — manufacturing jobs moving overseas or to cheaper, more rural, areas.

It's a very pointy and emotional story describing people's life, hope but also anger.

When you start reading u will recognize that you u become Ruben the main character in the book. You will feel his hope, his happiness but also the anger he is going through.

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