13 Songs, 59 Minutes


About Nenhum De Nós

Nenhum de Nós is a rock group from the South region (Rio Grande do Sul) that had success in the Southeast (Rio and São Paulo mainly). Also, it was a band that produced better blending between the music of their own region and southeastern pop/rock. In 1986, former childhood friends Thedy Corrêa (bass/vocals), Carlos Stein (guitar), and Sady Homrich (drums) decided to play together. One year after they sent a demo to the label Plug, which had released the comp Rock Grande do Sul, dedicated to rock bands of that state. Signed by the label, they released the first LP in 1987, which sold 30,000 copies but had no further repercussion. In November, they participated in the Plug label festival at the Canecão (Rio), also with no response. Out of nowhere, in 1988, radio programmers discovered "Camila, Camila" from the first album, and more than a year later, transformed it into a hit. The success promoted new shows in Rio and São Paulo and the release of the second album, Cardume, in March 1989, which sold 210,000 copies. In September 1990, the group was joined by the acoustic guitarist Veco Marques (former accompanist of Renato Borghetti, the Borghettinho), and, with the master of the accordion Luís Carlos Borges, they released their third album, the strongly gaúcho-influenced Estraño. The song "Sobre o Tempo" was included in a major TV Globo soap opera, Barriga de Aluguel, but the album sold only 40,000 copies. In January 1991 the band performed in the Rock in Rio Festival II (at the Maracanã). In April, the posthumous album by Cazuza Por Aí was released, with the late poet singing "Camila, Camila." In June of the following year the quartet released a new album, Nenhum de Nós, this one focusing on '70s pop. In 1994 the group recorded its hits in a live performance at Porto Alegre RS, releasing the album Acústico e ao Vivo, which had the piece "Diga a Ela" highly played on MTV Brasil. ~ Alvaro Neder