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HiCalc - Calculator Pro is an ultimate calculator and will make all your calculations become simpler than ever with 12 calculators: Basic, Scientific, Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Date - Time, Constants, Tip calculator, Equation Solver, Statistics, Base conversion, Graph & Finance.

► Noteworthy
• Three calculating modes: STANDARD, STRING and RPN
• Precision to 31 digits
• BIG CALC in Portrait mode.
• Comprehensive Date & Time calculator
• Unit Converter contains 3,300 units in 113 categories
• Currency converter with daily online update for 152 currencies
• Extended Memory and Expression History supports
• Intuitive interface
• Copy & Paste

► Features:
• Multi-line LED with smart input for entering complicated expressions
• Show expression as normal writing mode @ very useful for students
• Advanced RPN mode with Stack viewer and functions: DROP, SWAP, ROLL, DEPTH, PICK, OVER, KEEP, LAST, CLEAR
• Sending data from Ext-Memory & History list

► Scientific calculator:
• Basic fx: sin, cos, tan, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1, sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, sinh-1, cosh-1, tanh-1 …
• Advanced fx: Random, nPr, nCr, Differential function, Evaluation function, Integration function, Root-Finder and Product function, Greatest Common Divisor, Least Common Multiple, Fibonacci function …
• Complex numbers in STRING mode

► Unit Converter: a powerful and easy-to-use tool for converting over 3,300 units in 113 categories.
• Special categories: Women and Girl's Clothing, Cooking, Electric Field, Density Traditional, Typography, UHF channel and frequency chart, Fuel Consumption …
• Full text search for categories and units
• Favorite & Recently used units

► Statistics calculator
• 15 common functions: Σ(x), mean of X, AVD, SSD, SDV, C(n, k), Min, Max, GM...
• 6 probability distribution functions: Binomial, Gamma, Gaussian, Geometric, Poisson, Rayleigh
• Smart data input: data import from clipboard supported

► Graphing Calculator
• Up to three graphs
• Coordinate system movable
• Zoom in/out

► Equation solver
• Polynomial Equations (1st-4th)
• N-simultaneous equations

► Base conversion
• Full-featured base conversion

► Date & Time calculator
• Date / Time difference: calculate duration between two dates.
• Add/ Subtract: Add or subtract days, months and years of a given date to get a new date.
• Events Countdown/up: Shows Time Remaining and Elapsed Time

► World Clock
• Show date & time of any city in the World
• Have 4 cool skins

► Finance calculator
• Time Value of Money (NPER, RATE, PV, FV, PMT)
• Mortgage & Loan Calculator
• Finance functions: SLN, SYD, DB, NPV, IRR, NPER, RATE, PV, FV, PMT.

► Constants Library:
• 1500 constants from Mathematics, Physics, Solar System and Element e.g: Avogadro number, Gravitational const, Stefan-Boltzmann Const, Speed of Light…


Versão 5.2

- Add some new Unit Converter
- Support Russian language
- Fixed some minor bugs

Avaliações e opiniões

Not so Outstanding


A very important feature is missing: SYNCRONIZATION of the currencies. I’ve reinstalled mine several times and the last sync date unchangeable is December 12th 2016. Today is March 12th 2018. Even when you touch the cycled update button on the top of the app screen, it remains the same and a prompt says “updated successfully”, wrongly, and that date does’t change at all.
Ah, Yahoo and Google converters don’t work at all, and the default one stopped on the mentioned date.
How to update it?
Worse, no way to insert the currency value manually. You need the official and also the parallel cotation to buy a currency in the black market, so you have to edit its value. How to do it?
Sure, except these issues, Hicalc Pro is very good with many other features, even the extra bought ones. It works also on RPN.
Of course, there must be also automatic syncing. However, as illustration, RLM-Fin-CX app also lets you change currency cotation manually. Check it out!

In advance, the HiCalc HD app, for iPad, has the same issues. The last currency sync date on that app: December 12th 2016. Unbelievable!

My device: iPhone X, 2018 all updated.

Please fix them !



Amazing software, easy to use, full featured. 5 deserved stars. Hurry and grab your copy while it's free!


Ricardo N do Prado

Vale a pena!!
é muito boa, tenho usado muito e tenho adorado


26.3 MB
Requer o iOS 7.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
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Classificação +4
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