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City Run London is a rescue adventure through the ancient gate-towers of Tudor London.

With its bittersweet cast of characters and smoky soundscape bridging then and now, this game offers a time travel immersion inside a comic book aesthetic.

1545 City of London. Exhausted by demanding wives and civil unrest, the uneasy king has a web of spies across the capital looking for opposition. Say the wrong thing and you’ll hang for it! In an era as famous for it’s majesty as it’s gore, we bring you a tale of one man who spoke out, and the amazing adventure of another on a nightlong mission to save him.

Game Play
Players guide heroine Willa - known to the authorities only as The Moth - making use of her skills of invisibility and stealth in her quest to rescue the outspoken monk. She’s his only hope of escape, so when the curfew bell tolls and the streets empty, it’s up to her to to race against the coming dawn and his inevitable execution. With spies all around and a price on her head players must keep the Moth hidden from danger, opposing character cones of vision to avoid dismissal to the last checkpoint. Her route is above the streets along the London wall which is pierced by 8 themed gate tower/game levels which requiring intuition, timing and stealth to win.

The artists behind City Run London come from the worlds of music and film, having worked with the likes of Audio Slave to Monty Python, Stephen Spielberg to Muse and Nirvana to Human League, Tina Turner and Pink Floyd. www.facebook/cityrunlondon #cityrunlondon

• More than 47 locations to explore
• Original soundtrack fusing voice, choir and instrumental music
• Fully animated and voiced story-telling
• 11 hand-drawn cut-scenes (and many more in-game)

Plays best on iPhone 4 / iPad Retina and above.


Versão 2.9.43

This remastered version steps up the drama and gameplay with a new opening sequence, characters and scenes throughout to give a greater sense of the sinister undercurrents in the plot to immerse players in the strange and beautiful re-imagination of Tudor London.

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Muito ruim

Péssimo jogo, pelo video parecia ser bom... Puro engano!! Jogabilidade muito ruim, tem que melhorar 100%


city quests media ltd
1.7 GB
Requer o iOS 7.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Classificação indicativa
Classificação 12+ de acordo com o seguinte:
Violência infrequente/moderada em desenhos animados e fantasia
Referências infrequentes/moderadas a álcool, tabaco ou drogas
Temas de terror/medo infrequentes/moderados
©2015 City Quests Media Ltd.
R$ 3,50

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