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Download the app for a 30-day free trial. ForeFlight is the integrated flight app with all the essentials for VFR & IFR route planning, flight plan filing, and flying in Europe.

ForeFlight is the most widely used application by individual pilots and professional flight crews to access weather and airport information, plan flights with optimized routing, file flight plans via EUROCONTROL, access and manage electronic charts and maps, reference flight manuals and documents, avoid terrain and obstacles with powerful hazard awareness tools, access in-flight traffic (and weather where supported), and aid enroute navigation.

ForeFlight requires a subscription. Visit our website for more information on the available plan levels.

Please note: Location is used to enable a moving map and to record track logs, push notifications are used for important bulletins and flight alerts, and contacts are used to add people to flights.

ForeFlight’s state-of-the-art map engine gives the app its signature speed and fluidity when panning and zooming. Data-driven Aeronautical map uses Jeppesen’s global VFR and IFR navigation data to depict waypoints, airports, airspace, airways, arrival/departure procedures, circuits, holds, no overfly areas, and more to support VFR and IFR flying in Europe.

Europe geo-region includes AIP enroute, procedure, and aerodrome charts and documents provided via EUROCONTROL. Optional add-ons include Jeppesen VFR Procedures, Jeppesen IFR Airway Manual coverages, and the German DFS VFR AIP and Charts. More countries and coverages to come.

Plan routes using the interactive Maps tab or the form-based Flights tab. Graphical Route Advisor produces EUROCONTROL validated routes within a matter of seconds. Simply tap the desired route to add it to your plan.

File your flight plan from the mobile app or on the web and receive Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) notifications (if applicable to your flight). Our global, redundant AFTN connection provides fast, direct, and unlimited access to filing flight plans with no additional cost or account configuration required. ForeFlight currently supports filing within and between any EUROCONTROL member states and Greenland. Generate a graphical preflight briefing and print a professional-grade Navlog for inflight reference.

Overlay a wide selection of interactive weather layers on the Maps view, along with your route line, and quickly see if conditions will affect your flight. View animated radar, global satellite and winds aloft, icing, turbulence, isobars, METAR-based layers, and more. Color-coded METARs/TAFs with decoded text help you quickly interpret conditions.

See the real time display of your GPS location on the chart. For ultimate situational awareness, overlay them onto the Maps view, along with weather and hazards in one integrated view.

Top-down-view Hazard Advisor map layer, Profile View, automatic Hazard Alerts, and 3D Synthetic Vision seamlessly integrate into the map view for a clear picture of terrain and obstacle hazards anywhere in the world. Features Jeppesen’s high-resolution terrain and obstacle data. Pair with an AHRS source for a backup attitude display on Synthetic Vision.

Built-in documents catalog
Airport business and fuel price information
Weight & Balance
Over-the-air data updates using delta-downloads technology
Chart color inversion for better night flying experience
Access to web planner

Fliegermagazin Newcomer of the Year 2018
Flying Magazine Editor's Choice 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017
"Best app for IFR" - Aviation Consumer
"One of the most popular and most-respected aviation apps available" - Sporty's Pilot Shop


Versão 10.6

Expanded Coverage for Sweden and Finland
•All European subscribers can now download AIPs for Sweden and Finland, which include airport diagrams, IFR and VFR approach charts, IFR enroute charts, and documents. Jeppesen’s IFR and VFR aeronautical data is also included for both countries.

•Two new optional VFR add-ons are also available to enhance your visual flying:

◦Sweden: LFV VFR ICAO Chart

◦Finland: ANS VFR ICAO Chart

•ForeFlight already provides advanced flight planning capabilities in both countries, including fast autorouting and EUROCONTROL route validation, IFR and VFR flight plan filing, and helpful flight plan notifications like EUROCONTROL slot allocation messages, flight suspension and de-suspension notices, and calculated takeoff time (CTOT) messages caused by flight plan delays.

Content Packs
•Create and share Content Packs - bundles of maps, waypoints, and procedures - that enhance planning and flying.

•Install content packs created by others, like unsafe airspace, a map of backcountry airstrips, places to fly, company helipads, custom airport procedures or information pages, noise abatement, or helpful local knowledge about an airport. 

•Share content packs via email, AirDrop, iTunes, or ForeFlight’s Cloud Documents and Content Pack distribution capability.

•Content Pack support is included with all “Plus” subscriptions for individuals and with Business Performance and MFB Performance subscriptions.

•Visit to learn more and download a sample Content Pack.

Updates to Logbook Experience Reports
•Logbook Experience Reports include new sections for tracking simulated aircraft and flights, including simulated instrument and dual given/received time.

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2.6 de 5
7 avaliações
7 avaliações
Zurbinha ,


Bom app, porém as cartas do Brasil fazem falta, qdo tivermos o serviço de ads-b então aí serão 10 estrelas, bom pouso a tds

Breno Teodoro ,


A nova versão 2.5 nao ficou legal, deveriam pelo menos dar a opção de retornar a versão anterior.

rcvale ,

It has potential, but it only works for US airports.

O app é caro, mais de 100 doletas e só tem cartas sid e star dos aeroportos americanos. Não vale a pena.


ForeFlight, LLC
334.5 MB
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Requer o iOS 10.3 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Alemão, Francês, Inglês
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Classificação +4
É possível que este app use sua localização mesmo sem estar aberto, o que pode reduzir a duração da bateria.
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  3. Pro Plus US - 1 Year R$ 749,90

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